Europejskie Centrum Bajki

Europejskie Centrum Bajki im. Koziołka Matołka (European Fairy Tale Center) in Pacanów

ECB underwent a modernisation between 2020 and 2021, part of that entailing 14 multimedia kiosks scattered around the center. The premise was to design a visually coherent system, from UI through minigames to illustrations, that would be appealing to children while easy to read and navigate even in a crowded, busy space.

UI Design

The full UI I designed contains all navigation menus, idle screens with characters, minigame screens, content templates and a collection of pictograms


Overall I drew over 360 unique small illustrations: infographics, animals, legends and more.


Of 14 kiosks, 13 contain 3 minigames each, for a total of 39.